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Re: Nobel steering.
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Heinkels have very good brakes, if you do not use the green bonded original friction material which is excessively hard. Also if you are on real tyres the grip is good enough that they do not immediately skid. The real issue with Trienkels and there ilk is the rear blow out or skid which calls for very swift response to correct without over correcting. The Trienkel particularly is easy to over commit to corners as it has grip but the front suspension reaches a point where it gives way to roll. So unlike a schmitt where you can sometimes power out of trouble, delibrately skidding, even drifting the rear wheel, you really are only left with steering out of the roll in the Trienkel. Clearly that depends if there is stuff in the way as to if it is a successful strategy. John and I bent an axle back about 2 inches in one adventure with a kerb. So a Trienkel is quick but you need to judge the risk and it is easy to get caught out.

I never really had an Isetta that was capable of high cornering speed since they are pretty tardy. My feeling is they are less good in a corner than a Trienkel for all out speed but perhaps more predictable.

The Nobel was, frankly, dangerous as it went exactly where it felt like and not where you expected. On that basis it has no sporting pretensions.

The Scootacar is possibly the car yet to show its hand as if set up I am pretty certain it can out do most of the other trikes.

Why this need to corner on the limit you might ask. Driving Microcars is about momentum driving. Stopping or slowing is just not what you want to be doing. Keep the kettle hot and A to B times drop to a point you are really not far behind bigger machinery. It is also damn good fun. If it were not for being a gut bucket I could have a T60, a clear performer,  but the suspension cannot cope with one sided loading and return performance so I gave them up.

Then we have the little miracle that is the Type 70. However it is a S###z so not included. Whatever, eat the dust.
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