Author Topic: Two stroke power loss.  (Read 8805 times)

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Re: Two stroke power loss.
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Still off topic (and microcars) here are the crazy Swedes on their mopeds.

Aren't Swedes a type of brassica, Bob? Falling off into a field of blond female type ones might be far more of an adventure than we will ever hear about!

Err Yes, landing in a field full of young Brit Eklands would be a far more exciting experience. Has it ever happend to you Al ?? and I dont mean whilst on medication!

With my luck it would be a field freshly sprinkled with best Belgium treated human excrement on the way to the ferry. Falling off bikes. Yep good at that. Triumph Tigress I tried had me over the bars on turning sharply twice. They are known for that as the forks are designed in an 'incorrect' way. The old BSA C15 ended up at the bottom of a wooded escarpment in the River Frome on my attempting trails riding on a rough track at school. I had to rebuild the engine which was full of water. The co owners would not let me ride it after that though they needed me to start it! But of all the red faced things I did on bikes was to not be concentrating on the pillion of my chums Guzzi at some lights. For whatever reason I had put my legs down. He shot of and left me stood in the road with cartoon smoke trailing from my crotch as I slowly toppled over backwards in front of all and sundry. What a pillock! My only excuse is it had been one hell of a weekend and I was pretty wasted.
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