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Bond 875 van on TV
« on: May 08, 2012, 09:17:50 am »
Salvage Hunters, I saw it on Quest last night. They visited a chap called Digby-Lovell in Petersfield to buy salvage but in amungst the rambling collection of stuff they singled out a traditionally rough looking Bond 875 Van and talked of buying it. The screen flashed up a valuation of £3,200 I think as the decided not to go for it. Where did that get that valuation from? You watch this stuff and it is when it drifts onto a topic you know it becomes clear that at least half the information you are being told is from Jackonory and in fact the whole thing is artificial and really just eye candy for the cummuter.

As if to underline this I have now been contacted to supply a MOTed car with preferably only four defects including needing paint so it can be 'restored' on TV. Not only that but ideally the said car should be cheap and supplied with a ready buyer after its 'restored'. Well strap me to a vibro pile, they are really taking risks aren't they? How does F~#*%@" sound. Got a really nice Trojan without a floor, that's cheap and wants a paint job. Your viewers might actually get to learn something if you restored that.

Unlike the restoration of the Berkeley double decked caravan which was basically destroyed, rebuild completely differently using incorrect materials only really re using the old axle and the truck broke down attempting to tow it as it was so heavy. Exactly how all this occurred remained a mystery as anything interesting was edited out in favour of bland and footling snippets of other caravan related news, like bicycles, just as you got interested. The Caravan Show, appalling drivel. I think the real Caravanners must have been out caravanning when this one was nailed together!
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Re: Bond 875 van on TV
« Reply #1 on: May 08, 2012, 10:12:08 am »
I'm with you on this Al. You don't realize quite how much inaccurate rubbish we are being fed until the media strays onto a subject that you really know well. They get it completely wrong and then you start to ponder, well, if they got that all wrong how much more on subjects I don't know about is also drivel?
Be it TV, news papers, the Internet or the encyclopedia Britannica, assume its inaccurate until proven otherwise.
I had a similar experience with the TV people, one of the antiques programmes, they wanted we to turn up totally unpaid and buy a telescope from a competitor at my expense and at a valuation price that there "expert" had already decided upon which was grossly over inflated, just like that Bond 875. As you say they don't like taking any chances do they!! ::)