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Observation from the weekend
« on: September 10, 2012, 11:46:15 am »
Completely tired out by the weekends socialising and fantastic weather. My invite to hobnob with the great and the good of the classic and vintage car world was quite revealing from the point of view of Microcars. Some 10/15 years ago these guys were becoming aware of Microcars as something potentially interesting and a few of them dabbled, such as Chris Gordon with early Bonds. In the end he stuck with his Tamplin cyclecar.

Catching up with many of the same group it was interesting to find that those who had gained some Microcars have added to them. So Stefan R, who has a Rovin D4, I think, and a Rolux on top of the two inner porch-ways of his building on the Swiss boarder, has found a few more little cars to fill the corners of his garaging. It seemed a general trend that these people have picked up several microcars or related items. This will go some way to explain the buoyant market on the continent compared to the UK, as the Brits met had nigh on uniformly not indulged. Indeed I would go so far as to say they owned less cars, were doing less projects and were racing less. Not that this was economising in the way most people on this forum would understand it but more of a consolidation and response to increased overhead costs of events and property here. Most of these guys live in several properties in several countries, very nice too.

There was a suggestion that if I were available there would be some work that might come in to supervise. Quite like the idea as it is knowledge and access to information more than hands on skills at issue, though they were pleased I would happily help, physically. Could be interesting. Chum Nick was also invited to think about some projects, Austin and associated stuff, their guy has cancer but was present briefly. Turned out they knew each other, which should not be so surprising I suppose. Nick had rather retired from mechanics, he is time served and qualified. I think once he has finished his new house he might well take up an option if it is open. Not so keen on going to Belgium though. So all very interesting and probably related to new interest area, skills in demand and being about 10 years younger than most of the professionals who are beginning to drop by the wayside sadly.
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