Author Topic: villiers chaincase is 30 grade oil essential ?  (Read 15948 times)

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Re: villiers chaincase is 30 grade oil essential ?
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much confusion here - and i started it ! AGAIN  :) bob and rusty compounded it tho m'lud , allbeit in an effort to help . in the gordon manual it lists 140 grade gearbox and 30 grade for the " engine " i now understand this to be to mix the fuel .

now understanding 140 grade for both gearbox and chaincase . this i have already. others info as dodgy as my own - beware bob

Prior to preparatory mixing two stroke being available for two stroke engines the recommendation was to use a ratio of SAE 30 as the mixing oil in your fuel. So I think they are saying SAE 30 as two stroke oil in your fuel, therefore to lub the inner crankcase.

There will be a gear oil. If the clutch is wet, that will be an old engine oil without additives. If it is not with the clutch it can be a gear oil using the gear oil viscosity grades, which are not always the same as engine oil viscosity grades since they are doing a different job. For instance an old straight cut transfer box uses real syrup. A helical modern synchro box something much lighter but with additives that really are not appropriate to a Villiers nor on the same viscosity scale. Early Bonds and Gordons are hailing back to engine technology of the war years when gloop was good. As time went on oil technology improved and specs might have altered. I see Rusty Chrome is pretty much of the same opinion.

Chaincase, if that is open or leaky then gloop will stay on the chain longer. If closed I see less reason for a heavy oil. Again oil technology improved and stickier oils become available.
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