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The Crayford Story - David McMullan
« on: February 18, 2013, 11:34:54 AM »
I was in the Wolfe Garage in Westerham Kent last week and saw they were selling in the petrol station a book about the history of Crayford Auto Developments from day one to the present day.

The book tells the story of the people, cars and events, and is a very easy read. It repeats itself in one or two places, and there are some name errors, but who cares.

The book has been self published and is being sold through the Crayford Owners club if anybody is interested.

Whilst the book is not about microcars it does skip along the fringes, talking about the Lambretta/Trojan company that the company owners worked for before they set up the company, and the Willam vehicle they sold for a short time, and the Argocat they sold for many years.

A very good read if you want to know more about Crayfords of Westerham.

More information contact Barry Priestman on

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