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Re: Pre 1960 MOT exemption
« Reply #15 on: May 15, 2013, 12:52:16 pm »
That is almost exactly what I said an insurer would say. So yes go ahead save a few quid but do not come crying to us when it all goes horribly wrong. It gives the insurers a huge opt out clause and remember if your not insured and are proved negligent you will have the police on your back as well as any civil suits for the damage you have taken part in creating plus the loss or damage of your own car to sort out. However it does not say an MOT is a guarantee to acceptance of condition. It only suggests it offers good evidence of condition.

However it gets worse. Anyone switch on will now challenge a classic involved in an accident, even if innocent, as there is a good enough chance that the insurer will not defend the clients case if the car is shown to be faulty in some way, thus presenting a soft and underfunded target on which to shift the blame and costs by dint of threatening expensive court action.  Unfair but a legitimate tactic of legal poker, can you afford to hold your hand and bet or fold and pay up a lesser amount not owed?

This change is of no fiscal advantage to classic car owner, as I predicted, unless your a risk taker. One of the advantages of a classic policy was it was cheap, that has now been undermined, though I suspect that a multiowner of good record will be reasonably safe over someone new into the hobby with a poor motoring record.
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