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Raleigh Folding Caravan ( or Nutshell ? )

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i  have one yet to  be restored . Very similar , but pre-dating it , to the Nutshell Caravan of 1960. does anyone have pics , manufacturers details , dates brochure etc. thanks . i would like to at least once tow this on the Gordon  :D
the pic taken at a Bath Rally several years ago shows the Nutshell - red and the Raleigh - green, i think at the time both owned by Alan Hillier

Rusty Chrome (Malcolm Parker):
The only mention I could find of the Raleigh Folding Caravan was in the Illustrated London News from February 22nd 1969 - "Young couples with a Mini or similar small car might well consider the Raleigh Folding Caravan, similar in appearance to the tent trailer. When raised it will sleep two adults and a youngster and costs only £94.

But there is a little bit more here

thanks a lot thats the one - no pic with the article is there . would like to see original lights and wheel arches i did email steve pepper at that email but returned not in use anymore

i read that the Raleigh preceded the Nutshell of 1960 and had thought the Raleigh out of production by then  - obviously not , so which was first i wonder

Hi Richard
               I took my Raleigh caravan to Story towed behind a Heinkel it made it there and back - I thought the the Nut-shell predated the Raleigh - I seemed to remember giving my spares to a needy person ;D

think you must be right on all counts  ;) any pics of it mike ?

try this clip

or this


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