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Re: Help: Trojan wheel question
« Reply #15 on: July 17, 2013, 12:59:06 PM »
  He says that both the 4.40 and 4.80 x 10 inch size tire manufacturers recommend a 3 inch wide rim. 

  Back to the thread. As I said there is a scooter rim that is like the Trienkel and I suspect its for a 4.00 by 10 so it will be narrower. The Tourist went on to a fixed rim, none split, with a welded centre before becoming a 5 stud split rim wheel with the Eahrles forks. Dunlop where a wheel manufacturer as well as a tyre manufacturer - see Bond Bug alloys. I have no idea why wheels are still imperial in a metric world, save our dear chums, the French, but maybe Britain claims to have invented them! Certainly many wheels for many cars were, and still are, made in Britain.

  I still have many spare Treinkel rims so gaining an additional one is not a problem over and above logistics.

Thanks, that helps. Eigther the Trojan has had these rims for many year or I must have a good look in the back of the barn... I'll let you know.
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