Author Topic: Tourette windscreen mystery continues!  (Read 27096 times)

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Re: Tourette windscreen mystery continues!
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Don't envy the being away from home, now. Must be a lot of down time when you might be doing something useful, or just being in a family. Means your harder to tempt out to be a pratt too.

Egon was what is now called a stylist. He needed an engineer to make the concept work. Several adopted designs did so relatively well. Bond, I think, was just to far out on a limb. He was fixated on light weight and the reality is that the best of his work was tweaked by someone else. No different to Issigonis, mind you, who I think was over rated. Bond deserved a better life, I think. He certainly deserves more recognition than he gets but he made the mistake of being English where engineers and the like can be ridiculed and marginalized with impunity.

All the above proves it is easier to get it wrong than right. I celebrate the fact they had the chance to try, these days it is that much harder and we live on scraps of interest from the vehicles available.
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Re: Tourette windscreen mystery continues!
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Well said on all counts sir !
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