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Motobecane KM 2U
« on: February 06, 2014, 02:48:13 PM »
 I always liked this van when it was at Bruce Weiners, and now its nice to see it's gone back "home"...  :)

(An English(ish) translation for those unable to read French)

Saint-Quentin: high school students of Condorcet have spruced up a 1960s Motobecane van

For a few months in the workshops of the professional Lycée Condorcet in Saint-Quentin, students work to a beautiful idea give look to an old motobecane 1960 van a quadricycle baptized KM 2U. This Wednesday, January 29 at the Museum MBK de Saint-Quentin is delivered.

By Halima Nadiya
Posted the 29/01/2014. 12:17, last updated 29/01/2014. 19:39

The history of this cart a prototype begins at Rouvroy in Aisne, the enthusiasm of the public for the van lasted only ten years. She then finds herself in Pantin at the international centre of the car, and then acquired a club of amateurs of microvoitures in the South of the France. She crossed the Atlantic and occurs in a collector in Madison, Georgia. She returned to France in February 2013 after a sale of the Bruce Weiner MBK collection auction, she was bought by the MBK factory and the association "Loisirs et Tradition', the cart is sent to Saint-Quentin. But a little look shabby, it is entrusted to Condorcet students for a makeover. After its refurbishment that lasted several months, today it stands alongside the many machines that the Museum MBK.