Author Topic: Microcars at Retromobil 2010  (Read 40401 times)


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Re: Microcars at Retromobil 2010
« Reply #60 on: February 15, 2014, 01:35:20 PM »
any subsequent visit would be a disappointment.

I wouldn't be so sure, a quick look at Donald's site will say otherwise,

Now this I love.


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Re: Microcars at Retromobil 2010
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Bob Purton

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Re: Microcars at Retromobil 2010
« Reply #62 on: February 15, 2014, 02:32:59 PM »
well what a strange coincidence, someone anonymously posted a newspaper cutting through my door this morning from the Metro paper. It was a little article about the same funny looking electric car that is on display at Retromobil  this year called a Pierre Faure. I will scan it and post later. Other than this and the Reyonnah there doesn't look like there is much there I would have bothered crossing the channel to see.
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steven mandell

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Re: Microcars at Retromobil 2010
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The Japanese did some very interesting little cars.  The Cappuccino soon got nicknamed the Scrappuccino as they rust badly. No great resale value and a bit of a bargain if your handy with a spanner. Mind you why have a miniature MX5 when the real one is the same sort of money, Humph.

Miniatures are more cute, give a greater feel of motion, and hence excitement for the same speed as an effect of scale, and in the case of the smattering of K class modern micro sports cars, can actually perform on par on an absolute basis with some of their bigger brethren.
The Mazda Autozam AZ-1/ its manufacturer's namesake, Suzuki Cara, which shares the Cappuchino's
turbocharged, intercooled 658 cc three cylinder engine, but in the more ideal mid body location, in my opinion , is the best of these true micro sports cars.  It has an asymmetric design, gull wing doors, and even a rust proof plastic body, and goes and handles like stink.  What micro tops that?

Big Al

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Re: Microcars at Retromobil 2010
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Yep. We in Britain, with our crowded cities and streets, are not allowed such delights as K class  :'(.

Apparently it is so much better buying a jeep of some description, pretend to be green by buying wellies and drive them very badly, blocking up little road space there is. If you can work out why we are not following the Japanese on city car policy, and such, I would like to know. Answers in a brown envelope, whoops sorry thats political solutions, isn't it?  :o
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Re: Microcars at Retromobil 2010
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And the last retromobil photo I am posting, now is this a microcar??? :D :D :D

What an incredible/absurd contraption. Nice front "Crumple zone"....your passenger!

Al : It amazes me that as our roads get ever-more crowded and as fuel and resources dwindle people seem to want bigger, heavier and faster vehicles, many of which do not fit in parking spaces.
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