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Soletta 750
« on: April 04, 2014, 07:30:47 AM »
Microcar or not?  750cc  but unusual?  A prototype?

Translation: This car could revolutionize the small car, but in 1956 no one wanted him to build in series despite interest from Alfa Romeo, Renault and the GDR ....

Soletta 750 748cc 1956

The Soletta made its debut in 1956 at the Geneva Motor Show. The creator, the Swiss Willy Salzmann, was not so much enthousiastic about the car itself, he only wanted to exhibit his invention of the "flexible drive shaft to motor vehicles." Because he did not want his new construction in the accessories section, he built a car just around its elastic axis. The press reacted positively, but the Soletta project was not pursued. The prototype is now owned by the Swiss Car Register. It was a two-door, four-seat compact car. The vehicle had two identical doors. The driver's door was hinged on the rear-pillar and the passenger door on the front-pillar.
Photo by the Pantheon Museum, Basel, Switzerland

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Re: Soletta 750
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Are there any photo's of the flexible axle?