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Re: petseal ethanol etc ......
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Too bad that it is too expensive to post to the US.
I just shined a bright light into my FF3's gas tank that I thoroughly scrubbed and hydroblasted with probably a hundred gallons of water no more than six weeks ago, until the water came out clear, and with no sediment.
To my chagrin I could see that enough gas had evaporated that some of the bottom wall of the tank was now exposed to air, and new rust had actually formed sediment there.
I could actually scrape off some appreciable amount of only loosly bound rust sludge from these areas. 
The previously rusted areas that were still submerged in our presently supplied gasohol plus petroil mix had not accumulated any additional rust sediment.

This means that the tank must come out this time, preferably get metal prepped, and then Redcoated with what remains from the quart that I have already used on Snuggy.
This is necessary because the tank must get tilted in all directions to allow coating of all surfaces during the procedure.
Any one know if the tank will come out w/o taking the engine out first?
Can we get Milnes to pay for postage to the US?
Just kidding Milnes- your generosity to the larger cause has not been forgotten.