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News gets out
« on: June 16, 2014, 07:29:30 AM »
Feedback continues, as does interest. Stuart was in Bristol aiding an abetting the purchase of a Mini - yeah, I know. The trader got onto IC while the test drive was being had, via asking what Root was into. He came back with some pretty accurate market information on IC which took Root by surprise. So the classic trade are taking note already.

This weekend I was with the Trojan Owners Club who were also playing with a Balloon between elevenses, full lunch and high tea with a fork. During lunch I had a chat to the owner of the Balloon and we got onto cars we owned. Once again interest in IC and recognition of the fact that these cars are more than the sum of there simple construction, being a moving social record of a time in our recent history.

This is good news in part as it means the stigma attached to these vehicles is weakening. While most folk have no desire to own one, we are approaching a point where no more will be wantonly scrapped and the enthusiast for wheeled things will at least be aware of the existence of this very British linage of odd and eccentric machines. That is good news and a job well done in 10 or so years, as until the ICR appeared this whole area was ignored and inhabited by a few folk who dared to be different, but many with little, or no, information on what they had.

Good day out at the sort of event that I would love Microcars to inhabit. Not a camper in sight, but 30 people out of a club of 90! Yet down the road a Micro event person with no microcar. He sent a message asking where I, and everyone, else was. Well I knew where I was and why I wasn't where he was. Been there, done that - oh, at least 8 times in 10 years. Perhaps Micronauts are into Kickball, yawn, so glad I ditched the TV.
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