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Nobel brake cables
« on: August 26, 2014, 10:27:24 am »
I dont know if this will be of any interest to other Nobel owners[maybe Steven] but most will be all too familiar with the fact that the off side front brake cable rubs on the inside of the tyre when turning right. I recently had a chat with Mike Ayriss about this and he sent me photo's of the underside of a Noble that had this problem licked.
Normally the offside cable is very short and takes the direct route from pedal box to the wheel hub.
The said photograph shows a much longer cable first heading to the centre chassis member and then returning on its self and being strapped to the offside track rod before finding its way to the hub. I already had my nearside cable strapped to the track rod so that idea was not new to me. With this set up and routing for the off side the cable stays roughly the same distance away from the tyre inside edge no matter what position the wheels are in.
Thanks Mike for a great tip.
Yesterday being a wet bank holiday I set about making the new cable having received my 2 meter lengths of inner and outer Bowden cable from Vehicle wiring products. I roughly positioned the outer cable following the photo and then removed it . Measuring the length I discovered that it was the same length as the standard nearside [longer] cable.  basically what someone had done was just fitted two nearside cable but with a modified route for the offside one. Such a simple mod to solve a silly design fault.  Simples!
see photo.