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I purchased on ebay the other week nos 1-10 of Rum Car News and there on the first page of issue 1 was a listing for cars on the register and my minitruck with its original registration was listed so 20 years later its back on an updated list
I d'ont agree with Jean though that it was lucky to be listed as its only a Bond its probably rarer than a lot of others that are listed

You rather misunderstood me Gary when I said it was lucky to be listed, I do agree that it is indeed a rare beast and we are pleased to have it on the Register.  However, when I started the Register way back in 1980 if there was a One Make Club for the cars, as there was for the Bonds, the owners registered with the One Make Club in preference, the fact that the vehicle was a rare example of the marque did not count.   The One Make Club was deemed as the better option and my Register was considered for the also rans, I encouraged this because I did not want to upset the established Clubs.  I would like to think this has changed a little over the years as all microcars are becoming rarer and rarer.   Anyway it is good to know that Alastair may have some information on your Bond that you were unaware of, and we can at least help somebody.  Jean


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