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Flasher warning
« on: October 24, 2014, 08:41:28 am »
The front electrics of the Schmitt have been checked. Headlights out as rather to many faults, and it is the easy way to access this wiring in situ. Besides the headlights can be cleaned up at the same time. Rather pleasing was to find a box of French bulbs actual fit in the sidelight position of the later headlight backplate rather well, despite not really being the right item. Got some 50 of these boxed NOS, in a box, when buying a job lot of bulbs at Mannheim yonks ago. Bulbs seem dreadfully expensive these days, so deep joy.
As is often the case the warning lamps were on the list of issues. They can be real sods to get apart, not helped when mounted incorrectly. One disintegrated on this car. All were scruffy and needed cleaning. I have some replacement pattern ones, with the same threads so the correct bezel and lens can be fitted. So I substituted these and put the original holders aside for cleaning up, the threads get clogged with oxidized crude, and possible re use.
The wiper motor had to be rebuilt, beautiful motor but it had been stalled and burned the commutator to the point of pitting. It was also very dirty. That cleaned up it works but is suspiciously noisy, so I might have a look at the gearbox. I also took the chance to re-thread the feed wire as the one fitted was a real growler. Fortunately it pulled the new cable through the body cavity OK.
All rather enjoyable pottering really. A quick look over and there are quite a lot of little jobs needing doing to get the thing running. Then things to do after its running, like sorting out the interior trim.

Anyway the reason for this post is an odd fault. The flashers work. THe old warning light did not. Its replaced. Place a new bulb in the warning light and operate flashers. The warning light comes on once and then fails to work again, the flashers continue unaffected. Now at first I tried several bulbs with the same result. None left, I carried on to sort out general earthing and the speedo and clock lights, which in this case use the same bulb type as the replacement warning lights. As an afterthought on curing that function I put a 'blown' bulb in and it worked. So not blown after all. Put the speedo bulb in the warning light, flash once, then nothing. So this warning light is not 'blowing' the bulbs but something is falling out of circuit after the first flash. Each bulb only works the first time it is used, there after nothing. How does that work? More to the point what does one do about it?
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Re: Flasher warning
« Reply #1 on: October 24, 2014, 09:53:33 am »
Thought this may have been a heads-up on dirty old men wearing mackintoshes and a grin.  :o

Have you checked the contacts in the holder, could be a high resistance path to the bulb, and by changing them, it gives the contacts a bit of a scrub each time. Try giving the contacts a bit of a rub with some t-cut or toothpaste.
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Re: Flasher warning
« Reply #2 on: October 24, 2014, 10:01:20 am »
I have a vague memory of that happening to me with my old Schmitt.  I think it had to do with the value of the flasher bulbs being incorrect. The other thing is the flasher unit its self could be faulty. The old bimetal strip type are sensitive to loads. The modern solid state ones are tolerant but not original.

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Re: Flasher warning
« Reply #3 on: October 24, 2014, 08:46:01 pm »
I cant help with the flasher unit , as mine on the Bond is a 'clockwork' one fitted as a extra by myself in the 1960's .