Author Topic: WORST RESTORATION VEHICLES  (Read 8183 times)

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Is that an Acedes drop, Bob?

I want to know more about the bucket.

Bit worrying since there is no mobile toilet in this picture. Mind you restoring a vehicle from the wrong bits does include itself in worst restorations. There was I expecting a Tourette and I got the back of a Batmobil Ice Cream Van. 
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Stuart Cyphus

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 Further proof it's not parts of another vehicle....  The 'quadrant' is actually one of the aluminum angle strips from the floor.   :)

 To further understand why this is regarded as one of the more demanding restorations, is that the entire electric motor and every single connection, joint, bearing, nut, bolt, screw etc of EVERY component on the whole vehicle had all been complete and utterly dismantled right down to everything that could come apart, was apart. And then the entire jumble of bits had all been thrown into many boxes with no labels of any kind.  Not for nothing do Ian & I refer to this one as the "Jigsaw" Solocar. In fact the pictures you see here were taken several weeks into the rebuild with Ian working full eight-hour days on it...
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Bob Purton

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 ;D Well I guess I should have gone to spec savers!