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Big Al:
My review of paper work and other records owned has nearly found most of the loose records left here. It is now well passed 7 years since I packed in active trading, some of these records can be either dispensed with,or just kept, of the more interesting stuff. Ignoring Messerschmitts it runs to 106 small vehicles. Another file deals with larger machines, and then there is a file of live records.

So now is a good time for the Register to ask me questions, if they have them, on cars they have registered that might have come here. I am only knowingly sat on two registered cars, a Dart and an AC Type 70.

Most of these IDs I want to put to bed and to be sure they are dead or moved on from my point of view. DVLA will be advised that those cars left from the shuffle should not be in my name. If necessary I will 'scrap' the car to remove it from my ownership. Some resulting paperwork might be offered as collectors lots. Some vehicles have artefacts left here, that should really be with the car.

My thanks to Stuart, who has unwittingly helped in areas of this project. No doubt he will be yet involved, not least as I think there might be more number plates to get rid of eventually. Though we did cull them a while back.

It occurred to me that I should post an acknowledgement here for the benefit of those reading this thread in case you thought that Al was being ignored. I've responded to Al's offer of information and it has now been passed outwith the Forum.
Many thanks to Al for his assistance.



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