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Re: Register and archive. Purpose and future.
« Reply #30 on: February 08, 2015, 12:33:49 pm »
As I understand it, the "ownership" of a photo lies with the photographer (unless the photographer has formally passed on that right - so, for example, couples having their wedding photos done should always contract to have the copyright passed to them).

Some pics will be copyright because the publishers have gone through that. Usually, though, if you buy a nice old photo off eBay, you own that piece of paper, with no control over the image on it.

For the most part, I take it that people putting (old) pics on the internet haven't got the copyright, so the pics are fair game.  Same with the old brochures of defunct companies.


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Re: Register and archive. Purpose and future.
« Reply #31 on: February 08, 2015, 02:59:44 pm »
I wouldn't want to stray too far off the subject of creating a digital archive but as someone who has occasionally photographed "models" I'd offer the view that any photograph I take is "mine" and protected by copyright from commercial use. I can photograph anyone (or thing) in a public place and can publish these images but I can't use them commercially without permission or a "model release". It's obviously not straightforward though because a photo journalist can take and publish photos for commercial gain because his rights are protected under legislation covering freedom of the press.
However I feel this is largely a side issue. What we started discussing was the creation of an archive of microcar related material, be it photographs, brochures, articles or whatever. Bearing in mind just when most of the microcars we own were produced, I'd suggest that copyright on written material would largely have lapsed and the archive would be available for research purposes as opposed to any commercial interest.
Looking at it as a microcar enthusiast, when I buy a microcar the first thing I do before lifting a spanner, is to find out all the information I can on the make and model. I enjoy reading old road tests and sifting out the truth often diluted by the rose tinted glasses that journalists of the age all seemed to be issued with. I collect brochures relating to the model I own and I scour any available source of images to establish just what I should be aiming for if I intend to rebuild a car to original spec. Now, with the passage of the years and the nature of paper, there is a diminishing supply of original material available to buy out there at sensible prices so should that mean someone should get priced out of restoring a car correctly? Not if a digital archive exists.
Collectors who want original material will still find it where they can and pay the going rate. People who only require the information in that literature can access it free of charge. Is anyone hurt by such a venture? If I look at a photo of your car and see a particular detail I should have on mine, does that cause you injury? I'm currently restoring a car and have posted pictures of it in an on line Forum. I'm happy if my experiences save others from repeating the same mistakes and I've benefited by making new friends with a common interest. Am I strange in wanting to help others rather than wanting to draw a veil of secrecy over my cars? My cars and the components I've used in their rebuild are in no way illegal so I feel I've no reason to be secretive. Where does secrecy become oppressive? Perhaps I should resign as Registrar because there might be someone reading this that will now look up my address on the home page and come calling. What about anyone with a collection that opens it up to the public....... come on where does the paranoia end.
Finally to nail the difference once and for all. The Register is run in accordance with the Data Protection Act. I don't divulge either personal information or any information on the cars without the owner's consent. I know Al regularly questions the need for a register and I've repeatedly explained both here and in RCN related stories of how owners of rare cars have been put in touch with each other through the existence of the Register.
Any proposed Archive is simply a digital repository of information that has in most cases been published for all to read in the past. The risks involved in allowing access to information such as someone having lived at a particular address 40 years ago and owning a particular car ..... well all I can say is that if I were up to no good, I'd be looking for stronger leads than that to act on.
To me, a digital archive is a logical step forward for RUM. With the Register, RCN, the Forum and a digital Archive covering all aspects of microcar ownership and restoration we'd have covered most bases. As Jean pointed out in her posting, RUM currently has a paper archive but access by necessity is restricted. Creating digital images would allow access whenever needed. All that is needed are volunteers. Ideally having been there before, I'd suggest it's a job for more than one person but once the paper archive has been copied, the suggestion by Barry that anyone could add to it would ensure a more rapid build up of content is an excellent one. Perhaps one volunteer could maintaining it to ensure nothing inappropriate was posted - similar in fact to a moderator on this Forum.



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Re: Register and archive. Purpose and future.
« Reply #32 on: February 08, 2015, 07:17:59 pm »
I find it encouraging that there are folk out there with know how and who would also be willing to undertake digitalising the RUM Archives so that they do not get lost.  If we had a web site  as active as our Forum, I would suggest that the Archive could be part of that with a restriction placed on it so that only active Rum car members have access to its contents   I have seen this done in on other web sites.  I have no clue how it works but it could temper some peoples fears about the dangers of unlimited access across the board.  Jean
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Re: Register and archive. Purpose and future.
« Reply #33 on: February 09, 2015, 07:45:06 am »
A pay for view area is a good move. There is some control and even if the income is not needed, it would be handy, I am sure.
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