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Heinkel-Trojan and BSA on the Avengers last night

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True TV (Freeview 61) is showing these old shows at 8 pm on week days, last night's had a brief appearance of a red Heinkel-Trojan and a nice BSA motorcycle which collided with it. Hard to tell, but in the 2nd fairly brief shot it looked like it might have been a 4 wheeler.

Rusty Chrome (Malcolm Parker):
I've found the necessary footage for those who missed it.

Rusty Chrome (Malcolm Parker):
Series 6 episode 23, Take me to your leader.

Rusty Chrome (Malcolm Parker):
BSA Starfire and a Trojan I think

Rusty Chrome (Malcolm Parker):
Trojan registration number is very hard to make out, but looks like CMJ or CMU 744


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