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Re: New micro
« Reply #15 on: August 08, 2015, 04:54:57 pm »
> would travel 350 miles on a single 10-minute charge. <

Gosh.  The BMW i3 currently holds the record for most efficient use of power, at 0.21 kWh/mile.  So, assuming equal efficiency, we'd need 350 x 0.21 kWh to cover 350 miles.  That's 73.5 kWh.  And to load that in 10 minutes means a supply of 441 kW - or a mere 1917 amps, from a 230V supply.

That should warm things up a bit.


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Re: New micro
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surely not the first to think here of Egon Bruetsch who back in the 1950's designed many a good looking car and then seemed to devote his time touring Europe in order to market Production franchises , in his case he was particularly unsuccessful
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Re: New micro
« Reply #17 on: August 09, 2015, 08:55:04 am »
Why would anyone in the right mind buy a franchise to a product the creator is unprepared to make? It telegraphs the fact its not going to work without investment. Fine if a contract can created that rewards the producer for that effort and he can see a product at the end. But in reality a franchise is little more than an unequal partnership. Most partnerships fail as one partner becomes dominant, despite the name over the door. So as a business format all these sorts of models need very careful consideration before investment. Normally an exit strategy built into the plan is a good idea.

I have had about 6 firm offers of 'working' for someone else doing cars. Mostly moving abroad and with the idea of running a business from a place, paying rent by sorting out the owners car collection. Its an attractive proposal. But if you think about it you can see how it can go wrong in many differing ways. Try and write a contract to cover it all, total nightmare. Its really better, and despite the look, easier to be your own master. The only real bonus is I could have used several to become a citizen of another country, which could be worth something hard to value. Australia, perhaps I should have done that one as I could be in New Zealand now. America or Canada.

Instead I have a consultancy with a restorer, which has kicked in three small jobs so far. I might look to expand that once I am freer to move about as it requires my to be in Belgium to really do the rewarding work. But the point here is neither side is tied to the other save for the job in hand. So no problem is going to derail a lifestyle or business. Its a better and more honest solution to these passing along the line production set-ups. If the instigator wants to tie you in,  you need to know why they are doing so, and what the potential cost is.

So a possible micro plan. Fend wanted to build the Tiger. The KR200 was selling well and it was time to look to the next version, which he was ignoring. So a proven product needing tweaking. To small to interest mainstream. Owner needs a cash injection to make a new variant. Answer, negotiate a production/assembly deal with the rights to create a Commonwealth version re-engineered. The basic kit comes from FMR, engine sourced from the 250cc two strokes available cheapm using proven dynostarter. Tidy up the rear suspension and improve the brakes. Adopt larger headlights. Business plan to run to nil over 5 years. The modified cars lifetime. Cash in, get out. Why would I even look at Breutsch, there is nothing there on the same level. In 58/59 a 250cc version of the KR would have sold very well. FMR ended in '65 but I bet numbers made would have been far higher with the performance matching other cars. I am not so interested if the Tiger would have sold better with more investment. My feeling is, no, not really. It was not the car the world wanted. A better KR200 was.
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