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Bruetsch or Victoria Spatz ?

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Can anyone fill in information on this picture on the web - interestingly it referred to "Papillon" , presumably a reference to butterfly being another way of describing what we generally know as "Gull Wing" doors

- La Spatz est un roadster d’allure sportive présenté par la firme BAW de Nürenberg.

Son moteur est un Sachs 200 cc.

Peu après, on ajoute au programme un coupé à portes papillon.

Mais la production ne démarre réellement qu’en 1957 quand on transfère la production à l’usine de motos Victoria.

Le moteur devient alors un 250 cc.

Assez chère, elle sera abandonnée en 1958 après environ 1.500 unités construites

Rusty Chrome (Malcolm Parker):
It's a cropped picture from the french magazine l'automobile which shows the Spatz fitted with a hardtop with gullwing doors parked alongside a gullwing Mercedes 300SLR. There's a clearer picture of the car in the book Deutsche Kleinwagen. The car was shown at the IFMA in Frankfurt in 1956 where (according to the book) it caused "euphoric enthusiasm", despite which, very few were made. Probably like the coupe version they made, it was felt to be to heavy for the engine.

In Deutsch Kleinwagen the "papillon" doors seem a bit more substantial , these look very flimsy don't they

Rusty Chrome (Malcolm Parker):
I think they look identical, probably thin fibreglass.

Ah ! You have me there ! Your bible must be the original King James , mine is the revised later version and does not include that picture . I now wonder how different the two versions are ? Ah just a thought did you mean the photo is only in that French magazine , though there is another photo of this car in Deutsch Kleinwagen ? Perhaps got my lines crossed have I ?


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