Author Topic: Hello, new to microcars  (Read 10833 times)

steven mandell

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Re: Hello, new to microcars
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Silly me- I thought that Richard would defend the horror (sp).. honor of the long noses. ???


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Re: Hello, new to microcars
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I don't believe " long noses"  need any support at all thanks Steven
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Re: Hello, new to microcars
« Reply #32 on: October 10, 2015, 08:03:44 AM »
I think the spares situation helped to suppress values on Heinkel/Trojans.

You can get near enough anything for an Isetta, but Heinkels historically were a bit more of a mend and make do motor. I believe more spares are available nowadays, but once things get tinged, it's difficult to change peoples perception.

Indeed so. Also, as someone mentioned above, information is critical, as is passing on experience. Treinkels have been very unfortunate that some experts met with terminal, or disabling, health problems long before they should have. Much has been lost and what expertise is left is accessed rather on the basis that you need to treat with those that have it, as some have limited energy to expend per day. They cannot afford to waste that active time. That said there still remain a hardy crew that use the cars and get them out in numbers above that which other marques manage at rallies. In short, you have to put more effort in.

The Villiers on the other hand benefits from common usage and the Bonds. We constantly pull Bonders legs, but as a group they have worked wonders keeping the cars going through a long period when they simply were not worth their parts and ali parts. That has stored away a lot of knowledge and they have a camaraderie I think no other club/marque really has. It is common to see Bonder pool resources to get an injurde car going again. Messerschmitts could, but they always had some sort of street cred, and thus seem not to have developed such an open house experience in ownership.
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