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Rob Dobie:
Ever since I had motorcycles and then cars in the 1960's I have always looked at the various comic plates on vehicles. Must have been the I-spy book I had in the 1950's that started me off. There is a chap in my road with GY15 PUF. He isn't though but it always gives his students a laugh.
 I would love to know who has "my name" on their cars. RO13 ERT and DOB 1E and one I owned a few years ago V44 RAD, Virgo born in 1944 and my initials.    Just been having a look on the DVLA site and found a great number for an old bearded bloke with a lisp and a red car: KW15 MAS

Have a great Kwismas, sorry, Christmas everyone


plas man:
I have KXG 1 happily resting in my garage , shame really , next to full concors  , must have been the last motor rebuilt from Grandfield Lawrence , not even run in .
its a lack of space storage thing - a Beemer for a Plas !!!

Peel replica, Steve Fisk:
we are abit personal plate mad in my family , my plate is F1SK SR I brought one for gemma reads G3MWY my dads got the best one that reads F1SKY

Big Al:
I never understood the number plate thing, save for genuine good plates like COM1C. If I know the person and his car, then I do not need to see the numberplate to recognise him. If I do not know the person, then most numberplates have become progressively meaningless. Its an expensive addition to motoring costs, a leasehold at that, which does not make the car go any better. I therefore can only assume its a sort of status thing, combined with the need to be different from the crowd. I never really bothered with status, so I am the odd one out there. I find my choices in cars was ever enough to mark me out anyway and I tend to the well used look. No problem standing out from the crowd, if I wanted to or not. By not being the same, you are different. With all the issues that brings.
Since moving I have had endless people comment on Faringdon, when mentioned with cars, that the were no longer weird cars in Lechlade Road. It is extraordinary how many people looked forward to driving past. But I have similar places I can think of where there is something interesting. Maybe being dyslexic the number plate thing passes me by, as generally they are not real words. I know folk who like to road spot them driving around as weird cars in Faringdon. So clearly they must see them, and understand them, much better then I do. Generally the modern ones have to be explained to me.
I do not really see we all do not have personalised numberplates. The cars have their IDs. Things would be a whole lot simpler, as you can only drive one car at once.

But Al.  You have a wealth of experience and a keen interest on the value of all vehicles.  It does not matter if the owner is an enthusiast or an investor?
You have no recognition for the value of number plates.

COM 1C used to drive past my works - Paul Danials I believe.
A Business colleague had XJ 642  (or something like that) On a 4.2 XJ6 Jag - Of any value?  Not Personalised but nice on that car.

I sold 33 MHK on my scrap Austin A35 and it paid for the restoration of my Morris Isis (could be of value now)
I sold the SLK 479 number on my Velocette for a handsom sum - the bike went to The Czech Republic where the number would have been of no value.
I put the Morris number LDP 135 on a retainer so as not to loose it.  When there was confusion over the MOT business 1960.

The subject of number plates is varied and not just an image / status issue.


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