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Stuart Cyphus

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An ICR announcement
« on: January 30, 2016, 09:00:05 PM »
 After a great deal of thought, I wish to announce, that as from March 1st 2016, I resign from my position as front man of the Invalid Carriage Register. I also intend on the same date to resign from my position as DVLA V765 agent for invalid carriages.

 Fifteen years ago, this world was but a loose and motley collection of vehicles and owners, all on the outer fringes of existence. The cars were, for the most part, laughed at, scorned and treated only as a source of parts by the micro fraternity. It needed someone to pull all the loose ends together and build the foundations for their future. Now it is that future, with the humble invalid carriage now recognised, not as the poor relation any more, but as an important part of the classic vehicle scene in its own right. A world furthermore, that can now stand on its three wheels, on its own terms.  After fifteen years guiding this path, I feel the time is now right to move out from centre stage, back into the wings, and hand the invalid carriage world over to the next chapter in its natural progression. I have done my duty. The future is now up to them.

 Although I still love the cars dearly and all that goes with them, for a long time now I have found I have been thoroughly fed up of being the front man for the things officially. The ICR has occupied seemly every waking moment of my life for the past 15 years, and I am beginning to find I am having little or no interest in answering the general public’s inquiries about the things these days. Basically it has become a chore. Between friends a good conversation about them is still enjoyable, but when it comes to the general public, the whole thing has became tedious. To recap; I am not bored of the cars, but I am bored of being the cars for everyone

 Although I am stepping back from my invalid carriage involvements, I am not forsaking the microcar world entirely. I still have a great many other interests and projects in hand within this world, and these will be unveiled in due course over the years ahead as each one comes to the fore.

 After all, you really don’t expect to be getting rid of me as easy as that did you?!....   ;)

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Re: An ICR announcement
« Reply #1 on: January 31, 2016, 12:40:25 AM »
Yep. From a bit of a joke, to moving social history worthy of being shown to the Queen. Its been a exciting period to be involved in IC. I can vouch for the fact that Stuart has thought long and hard over this, and priorities in his life. It is the right time to look for a new helmsman. Both for him, and for the cars to move forward to what will be. The grounding is there, but otherwise its a pretty open field. We have Simon Mckeuon, artist and disabled promoter, who could potentially move this whole topic right into mean-stream conscientiousness on many levels. The collectors. Those that appreciate a cheaper vehicle to restore on a limited budget. More besides. IC could move any where from here, or fall back into a daydream until someone else recognises the potential of further fun. The sure thing is they are not going to go away.

A job well done, and thank you. But it will not be goodbye, as you know to much to leave entirely, I think. Position thus is to be elder to an interest, rather than servant to the interest. The spare time is going to yield something un-suspected too. One can only await with interest to see what that might be. The webspace I have created for a ICR presentation remains available, free.
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Re: An ICR announcement
« Reply #2 on: January 31, 2016, 07:25:49 AM »
Stuart should be commended for all his work over the years and vast knowledge on the subject.
I would not want to see any records disappear into the bottom draw (or an old Hard Drive) never to surface then fade away or be destroyed / lost forever.

With four boys at home I cannot volunteer a great amount of time but I do have the ability to store data for posterity.
If Stuart would like to release the digital data (or hard copies / copies of physical documents), I would like to consider storing them and making them available to others who are interested in IC's.


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Re: An ICR announcement
« Reply #3 on: February 03, 2016, 02:49:08 PM »
Hi Stuart

Without your help I would not have my Model 70 today. I thank you greatly for your efforts in assisting me finding my car.

I understand your reasons and I apologise for being one of the public lol

All the best with your free time and thanks again for all your help