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Rusty Chrome (Malcolm Parker):
This seems an appropriate time to spell out a few rules and niceties to everyone if they wish to keep posting.

1. This forum is about microcars. Nominally, but not restricted to rare and unusual ones, although the audience here will likely value postings about Powerdrives and Kleinschnittgers much more highly than those about Fiat 500s. There are various categories in which you can make a post about most things people here are likely to be interested in. Please think carefully about which is the most appropriate before posting.

2. Anyone can start a new topic and we encourage this. If while responding to a post about the tyres on a Peel P50 you recollect an interesting facet of historical note about the Russon, Start a new thread. That way everyone knows what you're talking about and won't get confused and when people are searching the forum for information on a specific car it's much easier to find.

3. Be polite. Just because the board is informal, doesn't mean that people you've never met are obliged to give you information or that courtesy is irrelevant. If you can't be bothered to ask nicely, don't bother asking. And if people are courteous enough to respond, an occasional thank you works wonders.

4. Think before you post. Will I offend anybody, will my words be misunderstood, and could I say the same thing more clearly in fewer words? If the answer to any of these is yes, then stop and amend your post accordingly. If you ignore this, don't be surprised if your post is amended and/or deleted. This is not the place to air personal grievances, or to waffle on about whether an Arola or a Teilhol offers the greatest investment potential. Any grievances relating to other organisations or individuals should not be aired on this web site but addressed directly to the organisation/persons concerned.

5. If you do have any issues with any specific post, resist the temptation to snipe back, click the button that says report to moderator or send me a personal message. Your concerns will be looked into.

Thank You.

 Ask yourself, is the message clear?


Thank you Malcolm, your message is loud and clear and I hope will bring about a much happier, prolific and relaxed Forum from now onwards. 
I personally very much welcome Malcolm as Global Moderator  to the team of enthusiasts  who are carring on running RUMCARS  as  I am gradually becoming less active. I do hope that RUMCARS in all its varying guises will continue helping enthusiasts and newcomers for many years to come. and that the Forum will continue to inform, entertain and help anyone remotely interested in our little cars.  Good luck to you all.  Jean

Thanks malcolm , good advice to us all 😏

Peel replica, Steve Fisk:
Thanks Malcolm


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