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disability charity new restoration projects
« on: July 08, 2016, 11:29:28 am »
good moring all. I just wanted wanted to introduce the lastest projects for 1nclu5ive sandbach a local cheshire based access and social charity run for and by disabled people. always looking for volunteers and advice to help maintain and display their new cars. donated fron the greater manchester transport museum. firstly the ac invacar 1966 with a villiers 197 cc engine with approx 750 miles - currently ingition switch missing and then an argson carrage details unknown suspected 36volt system

the maiden voyage was a 3 day fundraiser at the smallwood rally 2016.

what we need. does enyone have a wiring diagram for the ac so we at least get the ingintion wired up.

advice re starting the ac

any details of the ac i.e how to opertate. it's a left handed tiller system
any info re the argson and what batteries it may need

the charity welcomes new members so check out the website