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Fiat 500f


Hi Jean

please include my Fiat 500f on the register.

its a 1968 rhd car with NSN 89 G registration.

Ralph.  You have to download the form from the Rumcars website, fill it in and then send it off to Alastair Lauchland with a small fee.

I have not registered some of my cars because I simply never get round to printing photos, forms and filling-in paperwork by hand and writing cheques.

 It has made me think of a method of filling in the details electronically from the Forum though; then pay by PayPal.
I will have to investigate further as I think many contributors may like a digital solution using digital photos.

Barry, Alastair would be most interested if you can devise such a system.  It is only because Jim Janecek has no time to create a similar system to that which we have for paying for RUMCAR NEWS by PayPal for us and no one in the UK has the skills needed to do so.  Please by all means tell  about your ideas, he has been campaigning for such a system for some time now!   Jean

Jean.  Hope all is well.
My idea is very simple.  I will try to put something together that works from the Forum.
I cannot get involved with things that are embedded in the website.

Hi Barry
Always interested to hear ideas on how the system can be made easier. As Jean has said the existing system dates back many years to the days of stamps and cheques. Unfortunately within the limitations of the current website I can't make ANY changes to it. There are work-arounds and people do download forms, type in the information and email them to me, others print, complete and scan completed forms and email them. I'm always delighted to receive photos by email rather than post. It saves the owner having to print out photos only for me to waste the same amount of time scanning them back to a digital format for storage! However I don't want to put ANYONE off registering a car. If you like your Postman feel free to support him, if you like speed use email. The only flies in the ointment are payment, which requires a PayPal invoice to be sent out and the final stage, which is down to me, and that's posting your windscreen sticker to you. There's no way round that one.

Keep registering


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