Author Topic: Bond, another drives to Orkney  (Read 3205 times)

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Bond, another drives to Orkney
« on: October 20, 2016, 11:15:38 AM »
Martin MacKeever has now had success in gaining a worthwhile position of employment on Orkney, after over a year of looking beyond the minimum wage. So he has now a secure island home for permanent living. A thing he has dreamed of for many years. He had already driven one Bond up, along with a loaded Barkus bus, with trailer. Both took three days to make the trip from Cambridgeshire.
Right now he is driving another Bond up to Orkney. So if you see one heading north, it will be Toad in full 'poop poop' mode. He is in touch with a Messerschmitt owner on the Islands, but so far Tony Marshall seems to have eluded him, despite Martin being pretty visible, and having driven Stagecoach buses for about a year.
A bonus of island living is the discovery that as he is on one of the 'small' islands, he needs no MOT on any vehicle registered there. This ignores the fact that the Churchill Barriers now link some of those Isles to the main body of Orkney, where an MOT is mandatory as any other part of the mainland. True, there can be periods of bad weather when the Churchill Barriers are impassable, rendering the Islands back to independent living.

Our hero was even wondering about a Bond Rally on a nearby private island, on the basis Bonder do seem to be the group prepared to make long distance events work. Probably including a holiday into the bargain. It would need a deal with the local ferry company, but he is getting to know all these people. In fact there is a private airstrip, and we thought it be fantastic to have a Hercules plane full of Bonds land there. If only one could organise such a thing. Of course it ought to be a Blackburn Beverly, which Lawrie Bond might well have worked on. But none are left flying.
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