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Tony Marshall
« on: April 06, 2017, 08:19:31 am »
Had a 'phone call yesterday from Orkney. Chum is doing well up there, enjoying the slower pace of life. Got a shed sorted out, so he can have a few cars to play with, house in work to be snug next winter, employment sorted out. He looks to be gaining an enviable lifestyle.

Anyway, he had cause to bump into Tony Marshall at a community do. Seems he is still getting to terms with loosing Lynne and the chaos that surrounded ithat. over nearly 3 years, as his life kind of fell apart. Otherwise he seems hale and hearty. His knowledge and interest in those subjects he excelled in is still there. As is the humour. I can only hope that kindred spirits being available on the Islands will give him the joy of indulging himself in these things again. He has the skills to indulge and effect peoples life with these cars, even without owning one, or being in a central location. Maybe he remains uncomfortable with the benefits of computer technology, I do not know. There is the chance of driving Microcars coming, for him. So good news in the main.

Micronauts should note that Orkney might have quite a high density of Micro Enthusiasts when selecting holiday destinations. I think its 4 out of 22,000. There might be as many as 10 cars up there!  So if you dial into what is going on, you could meet and greet fellow enthusiasts in a road network rather more amenable to our little cars.
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