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Important news Tg500 register
« on: July 21, 2017, 03:59:32 pm »
Heiko is slowly stepping back and handed over the complete Tg500 register to me. To speak with his words: we do it for the cars, not for their owners. I will re-organise everything within the next years, trying to digitalise as much as I can. Everything will stay non-profit, if a car is changing ownership or somebody needs information about his car: I am from now on the person to talk to. I am still in very close contact with Heiko, we talk by phone almost every week. Even today we discussed a "missing" car. Please support me in the same way than you did with Heiko in the past, Thank you!

For those who don’t know me: I am 48 years old, got my first KR200 at the age of 13 (I still own that car). In the meantime the collection has grown a bit: the first KR is restored, 2 Tg 500 are restored, a 3rd Tg500 and a 2nd KR200 are waiting for their restoration. I do own my first Tg500 since 1989. I was supporting Heiko with his register ever since, during the last years my work increased due to massive internet research and sales-tracking. So when Heiko said: from now on you are on your own! - I had no chance. And I am very happy to continue his work.

You can reach me:

Martin Sauer
+49(0)171-4914434 (mobile)
martinair a t gmx de
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