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bubblecars' friends passed away !


some of you knew Gilles DELOGE, a famous microcar driver located in Dijon in Burgundy ... great fan of three-wheelers he drove , after splendid restorations , its INTER, AVOLETTE ?, KR200 ,Solyto , Velorex and paul vallée everywhere in france and in Manresa for exemple's famous joke .... solyto 's balance in street corners !!

last week crab got him finaly ..RIP

yesterday jean-Michel HORVAT, specialised in " bizarre"  !! passed away too .... he loved after all bizarre cars , microcars and was THE specialist in electric vintage cars .... RIP

Chris Thomas:
Dear Jean Do

I met Gilles on four rallies in France and Spain and his cars were always perfect, and he was always a gentleman. A great loss.

Chris Thomas

on 19th, died one of the Mousquetaire of Bernardet 's scooters adventure
Pierre Bernardet, son of one of the famous three ,passed away at 92 yold !
he was the road test pilot and race pilot , riding the  250 cc scooters  to the victories
he will not read the family's story book that his nephew is writing ....

Thank you guys, This post is really very good


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