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Chris Thomas:
Dear Rumcar Forum Followers

I am pleased to announce that The Archive of Microcars is now a fully fledged Charity and registered with the Charity Commission.

This means that all of the Rumcar sections, of The Register, the web site and Forum, The archive and the Magazine will now all be managed under the new charitable organisation The Archive of Microcars.

This means that we can safely plan for the next 35 years the work that was started by Jean and Edwin Hammond.

Where as Rumcar has been run on the good will of friends, a ball of string, and fresh air, now we will be able to collect charitable donations and organise the management of Rumcar around the world into the digital age.

You will be hearing a lot more about the Archive of Microcars in the months and years to come, so keep your ears open.

Chris Thomas
Chair person of the Trustees of The Archive of Microcars

Bob Purton:
Thats quite an achievement Chris and I would image the result of a lot of time and effort on yours and Jeans part. Well done. I'm not totally clear on what impact this will all have on rumcars but I'm sure it will be beneficial. I hope none of its informal friendly nature will be lost
I dont think anyone is picking up this information here though, There is a Hammond collection FB page that is visited by many. Why not post it there too?
Again, well done to all involved.

Chris Thomas:
Dear Bob

Thank you for your reply

We have an information roll out that starts with the Forum, followed by Rumcar News, followed by the Hammond Collection facebook page, followed by the UK one make registers and clubs, followed by the Rest of the world clubs, etc etc.

Like all things we have to start somewhere and certain things like Rumcar News have deadline and publication dates, which are set, while others can be slotted in almost at any time.

Now that the Archive of Microcars has been established, it will slowly gain momentum, rather than rushed at and run out of steam and enthusiasm. It has taken 35 years to reach where we are now, and keeping it going as closely to the model that we have all come to know is what we would like to achieve. However being a charity places certain duties and obligations on us that will mean we have to do things slightly differently, like fund raising, and making decisions as a board of trustees rather than as individuals.

As the small band of trustees are all voluntary we have to do things at the pace of the slowest person, which often is me. For anybody interested in helping us grow, please make contact.

Watch this space

Chris Thomas
Chair Person of the Trustees of the Archive of Microcars

Bob Purton:
Dear Chair man. That all makes sense. The news has already been posted on the Classic Microcars FB site with some positive comments so far.
I wait with keen anticipation to see how it develops.

Chris Thomas:
Dear Bob

Thank you very much for re-posting my item on the Classic Microcar Facebook Page and spreading the word.

Keep up the good work

Chris Thomas


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