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invacar model 70 found! :)


Hello All :)

new here, I found this forum while doing some AC/invacar model 70 related internet sleuthing :)

and I figured this would be the right place to ask if anyone has any leads on finding/acquiring one? :)

as for myself, im a partly disabled, Old Bus, Car, and Lightbulb enthusiast, who mostly has a large collection of vintage LightBulbs of various types, but im also heavily interested in Old London Buses, Cars, and Model 70 Invalid carriages :)

(I have an early childhood memory from about 2003 or so, to thank for Model 70 obsession, as a Model 70 was the first car that ever stood out to me, at a the ripe old age of 3 when I was walking down the road with my mum, I saw this small light blue thing parked up which only had 3 wheels! which baffled 3 year old me no end :)  it must of been one of the last Model 70s in service seeing as they where all withdrawn in 2003...)

any-who as mentioned above im looking for an AC/invacar Model 70, if anyone could help out with that id be very grateful :) im "ideally" looking for one with a good chassis/drive train as I have a bad back and dont really have a garage... im not too worried about body condition as long as its not missing large chunks of it...

hopefully im only asking for an astroid on a stick rather then the moon on a stick  ;D

BTW does anyone know what happened to this Model 70?

(I ask because im fairly local to where that picture was taken, I made contact with the Photographer who said the picture was taken behind Mother studios...)

im very excited and happy to announce that after over a year of searching, hard work, saving up and a lot of research I finally found a Model 70 for myself :)

she is an Invacar Model 70, REV451R, she was one of only about 25 Invacar Model 70's that where sold new privately, rather then to the government (AC also made about 25 Private Model 70's as well)

and only 1 of about 5 Private Model 70's thought to still exist today!

she is in pretty good shape all things considered, just needs a little bit of fettling before she is road legal :) (bulbs and tyres mostly, but I will be replacing all the brake and fuel lines to be safe)

its taken a LOT of effort to get here so im very happy to have finally found one, its also my first car, so I have that excitement too :)

I have to say many thanks to Jean for giving me the tip off about this specific car a few months ago when I visited the RUMCar collection :)

Hi Dez,  I am so pleased that you have been able to get your first car and hope that we shall see you and some of your AS friends at our Open Weekend (with or without a car). See the Hammond Colection FaceBook page for the most up to date information.  Jean

Thanks :)

it will be at least a few weeks before she is on the road, plus I need to get a full driving licence! so im not sure if ill be able to take her to any current gatherings

but I defo plan to take her to the hammond collection in the future :)

heres a couple pictures,

of note in the engine bay shot, with REV451R being a Mark B Model 70 she has extra chassis strengthening bars :) (and also a different type of bonnet stay, earlier Model 70's had a hoop style bonnet stay)


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