Author Topic: Heinkel Kabine too much vibration?  (Read 2321 times)


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Heinkel Kabine too much vibration?
« on: May 20, 2019, 07:32:00 pm »
Hello to all on the RUMCars forums. I have joined as an enthusiast who happens to work on a handful of micros. I'm out of charlotte north carolina USA. My shop has a customer with quite a taste for these vehicles which has put me on the spot!

At the moment I am working on a 1957 Heinkel Kabine, its in really good shape and drives great! My ,and my customers, concern is if it vibrates too much. Having never driven one before neither one of us is entirely sure of what is normal and what is not normal for this particular vehicle. It is also the only four stroke micro in his fleet of vehicles. I know his Messerschmitt kr200 and his fuldamobil ,both 2 stroke, are pretty rattly and with a fair amount of vibration is this to be expected of the Kabine as well?

Thanks for the input and willingness to help!