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Finally started the Nobel restoration, paint question

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Hello everyone, I’ve finally started the restoration and was wondering if anyone has any information on the paint code. I originally thought it was green but after I removed the tail light assembly I noticed the paint is a shade of blue. Any help is appreciated.
Thanks, joel

Hi Joel  dont know if the were all this colour but here is a friends one and if this was the colour scheme you had in mind i am sure i could find out what was used .

Thank you the fast reply, any help would be great. I will have to do 1 solid color.

Hi Joel  i have spoken to my friend amd he has confirmed what i thought.  The factory nobels were all done in the 2 tone colour scheme in the photo although some owners obviously changed them which i assume is what happened to the car you have. He is happy to look up the paint codes if this is the route you are going or if you are changing from original . Really like to see more photos of your project cheers Gary

Thank you Gary, and yes the color code would be great. I don’t know if mine was ever 2 tone as it is a truck version.


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