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Reselco Solocar Needs Parts


I have just inherited a long-stored and somewhat incomplete Reselco or Nelco Solocar of unknown age and am trying to gauge the feasibility of restoring it.
In particular it's missing both rear fenders, the Hi-Low control and the internals of the rear brakes. I believe with these pieces we could get it up and running.

Can anyone connect me with anyone who might source these parts ?

Many Thanks, Andy

Chris Thomas:
Dear Andy


Your first port of call should be Simon McKeown who looks after the Invalid Carriage Register. HYe can be contacted via or if you are into facebook

He should be able to tell if you vehicle is on their register, and once registered should be able to put you in touch with other solocar owners.

I hope that helps

Chris Thomas
Rumcar News

Thank you Chris. Will do.




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