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In France, microcars are still very popular and can be driven without a driving license. A piece of this cake wants Citroen for itself.

The technical details aren't well known yet, as Citroen focuses on the aspect of style and modernity. Of course, Ami is fully electric and can be fully recharged in 3 hours using a regular electrical outlet. The secret lies in the very small battery capacity of just 5.5 kWh. The range is also known: it will be up to 70km at a maximum speed of 45 km/h. It is therefore a vehicle for slow ride through town, and is by no means suitable for the longer routes. But I doubt it will bother the buyers. Rather, they will be happy to recharge it quickly, park it easily, and also it looks so cool.

The most interesting element is the door that opens the other way round: on one side in the standard way, on the other side against the current, as in the Rolls-Royce Wraith. Side windows open by moving the fragment upwards, which is a reference to 2CV.

Ami is 2.41 m long and 1.39 m wide, and will turn around drawing a circle only 7m in diameter. In front of the passenger there is a place for a suitcase, but there is also a storage space behind the seats. The passenger's seat does not move because it does not have to.

Chris Thomas:
Good to hear from you Sir Camembert

I think the Ami will sell well in France . However I understand that there are no plans to build any right hand drive models for other markets around the world. Renault did a similar thing with the Twingo.

The French motor industry is certainly ahead of the game where city size electric cars are concerned. Certainly one to watch.

Chris Thomas

Too bad it's electric. I'm also not a fan of it's design. I'd absolutely prefer something more retro, but I guess this car is supposed to appeal to the youngest customers, which means more screens, electronics and other flashy gadgets. I guess I'm not interested in this car  ;D


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