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Chris Thomas:
Dear Rumcar News readers

The summer issue of Rumcar News is at the printers and should be with you by mid June. There are a few of you that have forgotten to re-subscribe this year, and if you can do so quickly I can send the spring and summer issues together. The spring issue had a fleet of Messerschmitt KR175 on the cover.

I am sure that you will all find the articles in the summer issue of interest. As always I look forward to hearing from you.

Chris Thomas
Rumcar News

Chris Thomas:
Dear All
All of the digital copies and the paper printed copies of Rumcar News 145 have all been despatched this afternoon 11 June 2020.

There are plenty of interesting articles about vehicles never before featured in Rumcar News, plus the ongoing story of the Frisky Sport restoration, the Nobel Viking and the Zagato Zele.

Items on American, Spanish, Italian, French and British microcars.

When you get your copy, I hope you enjoy the items. There will be more in the next issue in Mid September. Until Then Keep safe.

Chris Thomas
The Archive of Microcars

My  copy dropped through the letter box on Monday,15th June.  I had a quick flick, and as usual Chris has come up with the usual mix of old and new.  Thanks to Chris for all his hard work, let him have your comments, I am looking forward to having a good read sitting in some glorious sunshine.  Jean


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