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I am located in Exeter and am giving away free to a good home, Model 70 spares including pulleys, belts, shocks, workshop manual and brake parts. Can also drop parts off on my way from Exeter to Cumbria this coming weekend. Julian 01404 822 581

ohhh yes please!

count me (and 4 of my close friends 3 of who happen to own Model 70's as well :) ) as very interested!,

sadly I cant personal pick these up as well ironically enough my Model 70 is not yet road worthy yet sadly

but I have been informed one of my friends called and she has left you a voice mail with regards to these parts, if you could get back to her with regards to these parts that would be very much appreciated :)

as she and my friends above have very kindly volunteered to help collect and save these parts :) (where they will be used to hopefully get my and another Model 70 back on the road, and help keep 2 other already road worthy ones going hopefully!)

so hopefully these parts can finally find a good home I know they have been kicking around for some time now!


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