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Chris Thomas:
Dear Rumcar news Readers
I am pleased to inform you that the paper copies of Rumcar News were posted last night (27 August 2020) and the digital copies were sent off at lunchtime today (28 August 2020) a full two weeks early. Thanks to all of the contributors who provided so much, some of my regular items like Russell Brockbank cartoon, Book review and New car News, had to be left out, and will hopefully be back in the next issue.
In this issue there are articles about, and from, the USA, Germany, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Austria and of course the UK. Covering the following vehicle: Cyclops II, Kapi Super 350, Circus 2cv, Ubanina, Jurisch, Shelter, Iso Isetta and Peel Trident.
I can guarantee that there is historical information in this issue that you will not have read before in any other publication.
I do hope those of you who subscribe to Rumcar News will enjoy reading this issue.

Keep safe
Chris Thomas
The Archive of Microcars
Rumcar News


I just received my email to download issue 146 but it will not open. Could you send me another copy>

Thank You,
Joseph Lawrence (Sunny Brandon, FL USA)

Chris Thomas:
Dear Joseph

I hope your second attempt was successful

Chris Thomas
The Archive of Microcars
Rumcar News

I received my RUM CAR NEWS on Saturday.  Another cracking magazine which includes Jeff Lane's story of the Peels to Peel meet on the Isle of Man which bought back very good memories of meeting him there.  Thank you Chris leep up the good work.  Jean


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