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A 1962 BMW Isetta Bubble Car will be won for just £15


Freddie Bridge Classics:
Hello Microcar Fans!

My name is Freddie and I work at Suffolk-based classic car restoration and competition company, Bridge Classic Cars.

I’ve been researching Microcars over the past few days and have come across this forum. Here at Bridge Classic Cars we’ve recently acquired a 1962 Isetta which we are running as a competition for someone to win! Over the past year we’ve given away over 30 classic cars to winners across England, Scotland and Wales. From Triumph TR3's, Ford Mustang's, Classic Mini's to Lotus Esprit's. We've given away some very interesting cars... but none quite as unique as the Isetta.

Isetta’s are becoming very valuable so many enthusiasts can no longer afford to buy one, but for £15, one lucky winner will take delivery of our car.

If you're interested in seeing our videos and photographs of the car or even entering to win it, take a look at our website here:

To enter to win this car, you must be over 18 and live in England, Scotalnd or Wales I'm afraid.


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