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Hi All,
I am trying to get my 2015 Mini Jeep on the road, trouble is the DVLA said it needs to be "Machine dated" before they can process the paperwork (as I do not have a log book, only a number printed on the chassis). Is there someone that could help with this in the club ?
Many Thanks in advance

Chris Thomas:
Dear Obi

When you say 2015 Mini Jeep. what exactly is the vehicle. A photo may help?

Chris Thomas
The Archive of Microcars

Morning Chris,

Many thanks for your reply on my post regarding my issue trying to get my 2015 Mini jeep on the road. Applogies for missing your reply. I have an M.o.T and insurance, just failed at the last hurdle with the DVLA. They sent all my paperwork back asking that it would need an official owners  club to machine date it. The Many thanks in advance....

Chris Thomas:
Dear OB1
Thank you for your reply and image
I think that we can assist you provided the engine size/power comes within our remit. There are a few vehicles that have a similar body, I just need to identify a few details with you first. Could you email me direct on so we can discuss this off line.
Chris Thomas


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