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Rumcar News Issue 149


Chris Thomas:
Dear Rumcar News Readers

On Friday 4 June all of the printed copies of issue 149 went off in the post to all parts of the globe. While the digital copies were sent out this weekend. Some of the digital copies have arrived already and the printed copies in the snail mail should start arriving in the next week or two depending upon where you are. I understand that it can take 10 working days for issues to arrive in the USA.

I hope you all find this issue of Rumcar News interesting. I look forward to sending out the next issue in mid September 2021.

Chris Thomas
The Archive of Microcars
Rumcar News

What happened to the next issue? I wanted to start buying one not too long ago. From what I can it's either discontinued or I don't know where to find it. I'd be grateful for some help here.

Chris Thomas:
Dear Emma
Thank you for your comment. We have published issues 150 and 151 and the next one should be published in mid-March on schedule.
If you wish to subscribe to Rumcar News for 2022 you need to go to our web site at
There you need to choose your option, click on the yellow link which takes you to our Paypal page, where you can pay either by credit of debit card, or if you have a paypal account you can pay that way.
I hope that has been of assistance
Chris Thomas
Editor Rumcar News


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