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How to post pictures!

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Stuart Cyphus:

could you also telling me how i can put picture on this forum !!? i am stuck..and i don't understand how to do it!!

 Ditto!  Someone help please!

 Hello Chavattov. Nice to have you on bourd the good ship RUM forum. I notice you have a Mini-Comtesse. Me too - the only one on the road in the UK. Would be interested to see yours one day....

Jim Janecek:

--- Quote from: Stuart Cyphus on June 04, 2007, 09:29:38 PM ---
could you also telling me how i can put picture on this forum !!? i am stuck..and i don't understand how to do it!!

 Ditto!  Someone help please!

--- End quote ---

when you click REPLY the Option to attach a file is not visible.
Look to the Left side of the Box where you type.
You will see "Additional Options".
click it.  that is where the Magic happens!

If your image is already on the Internet, copy and paste the address of the image and then put

[ img ] before the address and then put this: [ /img ]  at the end.
(leave the spaces between the brackets out though, I had to put them in or the tags would not show up.)

Stuart Cyphus:
Oooh, IT WORKS! IT WORKS!!  :o   ;D  ;D  ;D  Many many thanks Jim  :-*  Now, who wants a rummage thrugh my photo albums....

I already posted this several months ago (it's from my website). How about someone making PHOTO UPLOAD INSTRUCTIONS (this or someone else's) into a sticky at the top of each forum category so we can get more images posted onto the forum?

Posted: Sun Feb 25, 2007 8:11 pm

To add a photo to this (or any other) forum, you need to use a third-party website such as

Go to the website, and follow the instructions there for uploading a digital photo stored on your own computer.

If you look at as an example, you'll see that under the photo you have uploaded are 3 names, in boxes titled url, tag and img. The bottom one (img) is the one you need.


Copy and paste that title under the text in your forum posting; for example -

Hi, my name is Otto and here's a picture of my Blotto

Miracle of miracles ...your photo appears in your posting!

Essentially, a forum cannot host (store) your photo, but the title you have copied and pasted into your forum post is a link to where your photo is stored in cyberspace (in this case You could link it similarly to your own website.

When you upload your photos from your computer to Photobucket it automatically resizes them to the maximum size it allows. And it's free.

If you're not yet totally familiar with internet tasks, this is a great exercise for practising and learning more about how things work inside the cyberspace engine.

Good luck!


Stuart Cyphus:
Hello Colin, I did try following your instructions back in February, but the bit I ( and I think several others) were falling down on was the bit about typing the address of the picture one wants to use from the third-party website. We'd type the address but it still wouldn't attatch where we wanted it.

 I got the pictures up by having first saved the picture I wanted to use in the "my picturers" folder of my own computer. and then opening that file in the box that askes you for the address of the third-party website. (Is that bit clear to everyone still struggling?)

 The Yellow thing pictured above did indeed come from your original listing. No offence taken I hope, but I save just about every picture I come across on the forum/ebay/elsewhere, and this was the first one to hove into view when I was following the above instructions.


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