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Hi all,
i'm searching for a Mini Comtesse made in France. Does anyone knows the current prize for such a Micro car? How much were ever built ot them? Who owns one, or wants to get rid of one ?

This ones been on ebay for a while, 'buy it now' euro700 item: 330106173250

Stuart Cyphus:
I think I've started something with my Mini-Comtesse; Now everyone wants one!!!!!!  ;D 

 There are currently three Mini-'s in the UK, I paid £900 for mine whilst one of the others fetched £1,500, so on the basis of obseravation, that looks to be the general price guide for one already here in the UK. However, none of the UK cars are currently for sale!  In its native France it seems they can go for anything from peanuts to 1,000 euros. Keep your eyes open & strke it lucky it seems.  As to production, as far as I can gather, about 300 of the "Mk 1" version with single door and no stabliser wheels were built in 1972, of which none are known to survive. The "Mk 2" (like mine), with two doors and with stabliser wheels appered in 1973 and continued in production until 1979. I have heard that some 30,000 were produced, but how true this is I can't say.

 I can supply a photocopy of the (French) handbook to anyone interested in return for photos or whatever of anything micro. 

 Best of luck Ferdi, & let us know how you get on, then you can join me & Inacoma in the very select Acoma Owners Club......    :-*

Hiya, many thanks to blob and stuart for your information at all. I did spy out a comtesse in belgium for a not acceptable prize, but there is always a second choice. Anyway mates, i'll let you know how it ends up. A comtesse in one row with my Peels and the Schmitts would looks great mates, would'nt it ?  :) :) :)

Stuart Cyphus:
 Hang on a moment everyone! That Mini-Comtesse on eBay that Blob mentioned, it's rarer than we thought! Its not a Mini-Comtesse at all, but a Willam Cyclo of all things!!!!!   :o  I'm not too sure of the precise facts, as I've only ever came across one other Willam Cyclo, but I think Willam took over production rights to the basic Mini-comtesse from ACOMA in 1979, turned it into the thing we see below, and built it into the 1980s.

 As can be seen in the next photo (below), it has a sort of "slotted" grille on its bonnet, as opposed to the mesh affair of a "proper" Comtesse, and it was this that alerted me to the Willam connection;

 Looking at the next photo (seen below) confirmed the Willam origins as the Willam versions were all painted yellow, but it came as a real surprise to me when I noticed the steering wheel set to one side and that it has TWO SEATS!!!!!  Looking at my Comtesse, I can't see for the life of me how it would be at all possible to even think of fitting two people abreast in that bodyshell.

     It looks like there's still a lot of the story yet to be learned when it comes to the history of the Mini-Comtesse......   ???    ???


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