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« on: May 26, 2006, 09:02:29 PM »
I drove my Trojan 553 DUF from london down to Faversham, Kent for the Faversham classic car and motorcylcle show, staying a few days with my girlfriend in Strood, which is conveniently half way along the A2/M2.
I had no problems with other drivers, partly by timing my journeys carefully to avoid busy times, but my heart was kept firmly in my mouth by horrible wet and windy weather, Carla doing stirling work on de-misting duty. A few bits worked loose but I got there and back, with somewhat frayed nerves!
The show was good, though i was on duty for much of the time and did not see it all. DUF got amazing amounts of interest, especially as it was parked next to an amazingly long stretched citoen cx prestige with 2 back axles! I was in my Fezhead costume and Carla was dressed as a "Trojan" in her hand made Xena Princess Warrior costume.
The springer Sisters, ( who have a range of classics including a Trojan were there filming for a tv show about musicians with odd vehicles.
Micros are definately better around town than on motorways, but I was sad to see quite a few bigger, better and more powerful vehicles were towed to this show; I think cars should be used.
Has anyone else seen one of those new micros, a quad bike with a single seat pod on it?
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