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Two stroke exhausts
« on: September 08, 2009, 08:56:00 PM »
I know nothing of two stroke exhaust system designs. I know they are radically different from 4 stroke systems, but would like to know more details as i still need to finish off the scootacar exhaust. So revisiting this again.

So, can anyone tell me how a typical 200cc or so two stroke exhaust system works? I have herd messers and other bubble cars at car shows and they are not that loud, so obviously their systems are quiet effective, civilized at least, i need to achieve something simular with the scootacar.

So, how does a typical 200cc or so two stroke vehicle exhaust work? I have a 35mm pipe coming from the engine, through the heater box, then what do i do with it? I know two stroke engines like big empty exhausts (that work as expansion chambers), rather then small packed exhausts like 4 strokes. But what sort of baffling do they use? How do you get exhaust noise down? I think someone told me that packing doesnt work with two strokes, because the rockwool or whatever just absorbs oil in the exhaust and is ineffective, so it must be all done with baffles?

Also, what size tailpipe would a 200cc engine have? Two strokes usually have big headers going to the muffler and then a much smaller output pipe, right?

I could build the muffler from scratch if needed but i need to know how it works.

Unless someone happens to have a muffler from some other microcar with a two stroke engine, which could be too knackered to use, or something, which they will sell? then i can either adapt it or cut it up, see how its built and make one myself to thesame design.

Any ideas?


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